New Video – Original Song with E Avila

A while ago I received a call from a talented music pal of mine, Erick Avila, asking whether I’d consider singing a demo of an original tune he wrote called, It’s Not Enough.  He sent me an Mp3 with a scratch vocal.  He wanted me to take a run at it which I was happy to do as I loved the song and was just getting my new home studio up and running.  We sent files back and forth (Canada to Mexico – or really who knows where the heck they got routed via the net) and eventually Erick was able to use the vocal tracks from my studio to complete the song.  Erick played all the instruments and mixed it himself.  AMAZING.  I’ve been around long enough to remember using DOS and fax machines which used that horrible white shiny paper.  You know what I’m talking about people.  WAAAAY before Iphones and Youtube.  Then Erick suggested we do a video – long distance – and, well, I got out my handy dandy macbook and again files were transferred.  Anyway, click here for the result.  It’s incredible what’s happening these days technology and creativity wise. (Thanks Erick – you’re awesome!!) 🙂Not Enough – LJ Mounteney, Vox, Erick Avila, composer, musicians