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Back in the Saddle

Wow – I see from the time stamp that it’s been over two years since my last blog post.  Not intentional but obviously I let things slide.   I think it’s called life 101! I put this little site up over 4 years ago with nary a gig in sight.  Fast forward to today and things are busy.

This past March I was involved with an important fundraiser for Atira Women’s Resource Society staged at Frankie’s Jazz Bar in Vancouver.  

For fifteen years EWMA, located in the Downtown Eastside, has provided safe, income-generating opportunities for women who are struggling with poverty, substance use and or mental wellness, and who have been impacted by violence, abuse and grief over the loss of children, family members and friends; opportunities that are free from exploitation and judgement. EWMA is a place that for many women, makes hope possible.

In addition to supporting this very worthy cause, I was blessed to be included with several talented local female musicians – the Strong Women Strong Music series features all women singers and instrumentalists.   Every artist brought their own unique influences to the evening.  

Strong Women Strong Music 2018

Featured in the photo above are (L-R) myself, Siobhan Walsh, Jennifer Scott, Wendy Solloway, Mili Hong and Lisa Kay Miller.